Surface Aeration

Bottom Aeration

Bottom Aeration Systems provide an effective method of aeration for ponds or lakes with depths ranging from four to fifty feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of the pond, a continuous flow of air and water is moved upward and thousands of gallons of water are mixed with little expended energy. Energy efficient compressors inject air to the bottom of your pond or lake through weighted air lines attached to the diffuser assembly. The diffuser breaks up the air into micro-bubbles which rise to the surface. The rising of these air bubbles create a current which transfers low-oxygen water to the surface, allowing it to contact the atmosphere and breathe. Temperature layers are disrupted and fish are able to inhabit the entire water column. Oxygen levels increase and harmful gases in the water are expelled.

In addition to aerating the water column in warmer months, the bottom aeration system also provides de-icing benefits in cold months. Increasing oxygen levels and creating a constant “boil” movement in the water column prevents ice from forming. This offers temperature protection for both aquaculture and water bound structures by keeping ice from forming.

Bottom Aeration
Bottom Aeration
Bottom Aeration



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