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Anode Baskets

TITAN anode baskets are built to the highest standards in the industry, and are backed by a five-year warranty on workmanship. As one of the largest stocking manufacturers of raw material, TITAN is pleased to provide customers with fast turnaround. If stock is not immediately available, TITAN will design, build and ship custom anode baskets in two weeks – wherever you need them.

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Considerations For Basket Sizing:

  • Baskets should be 2" to 4" shorter than the longest piece of work.
  • Baskets should be 1" above the solution level.
  • Hook length is measured from the top of anode bar to 1" above the solution level.
  • Quantities for rectangular baskets should be three (3) 2 ½" x 6" baskets for every two feet above the bar

Sizing And Styles:

  • Rectangular Baskets: 2-1/2" x 6" - Standard Stock Lengths include 18", 24", 30", 36". Other lengths are built to order.
  • Round Baskets: 2 1/2" Diameter x Length - Standard Stock Lengths include 18", 24", 30", and 36". Other lengths are built to order

Basket Amperage & Hooks

Rectangular Baskets are standard with 50 AMPS/Basket Double Contact Hooks. Higher Amperage is available (i.e., 100 Amps, 150 Amps and 200 Plus Amps).

To determine the AMPS needed per basket, please use the following formula:

  • AMPS needed per Basket = Total AMPS of TANK
  • Total # of Baskets

Amperage Rating Per Hook:

  • 25AMP = 1/8" x 1" Double Contact Hook or 3/8" Square Bar Hook
  • 50AMP = 1/4" x 1" Double Contact Hook or 1/2" Square Bar Hook
  • 75AMP = 3/8" x 1" Double Contact Hook or 5/8" Square Bar Hook
  • 100AMP = 1/2" x 1" Double Contact Hook or 3/4" Square Bar Hook

Normal Application:

  • Inverted "V" Lift Hooks
  • Inverted "U" Hooks
  • "T" Handle Lift Hooks
  • Reverse Lift Hooks for easier access in lifting baskets
  • Submergible Hooks
  • Loading Chutes for easier anode loading
  • Mesh on 4 sides of basket for greater anode to cathode ratio

For Heavy Duty applications, TITAN offers the following anode basket options:

  • Heavier hooks for strength and current carrying capabilities
  • Ti Clad Copper Hooks for higher amperage rating
  • Thicker mesh material to minimize bulging of basket
  • Thicker side channel construction

Mesh Selection & Anode Quantities

Three Mesh Types Available: Perforated, Mini-Expanded and Poly Propylene

  • ½" Diameter on 11/16" staggered centers
  • 50% mesh open area
  • 3/16" SWD x 1/2" LWD
  • 65% mesh open area
Perforated Poly Propylene:
  • 1/4" Diameter on 3/8" staggered centers
  • 40% Mesh Open Area

Examples - Quantities Of Anodes To Fill Baskets (Lbs./Inch Of Length):

Rectangular (2-1/2" x 6" x L)

  • Nickel Buttons: 3 lbs.
  • Copper Chunks: 2-1/2 lbs.
  • 2" Copper Balls: 2 lbs.

Round (2-1/2" Dia. x XL)

  • Nickel Buttons: .80 lbs.
  • Copper Chunks: .75 lbs
  • 2" Copper Balls: 625 lbs.
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