OILFIELD - Secondary Containment

The Flex Step

Safety And Efficiency With Every Step!
A stairway system designed for all types of Geo Synthetic Membranes including polyethylene, PVC, HDPV, Woven Geotexile and other high performace engineer membranes.

The Flex Step utilizes patented technology producing a stairway with a unique combination of a pressure dissipating mat base, adjustable steps and handrail, that are also non penetratng to liners. The adjustability and flexibity of stair way provides for safe and efficient access for many industrial applications.

The Flex Step's patented technology provides a low-cost, adaptable solution to containment wall access. The steps are transportable, adjustable and durable, replacing multiple catwalk crossovers throughout their life. The Flex Step brings unprecendented ease and safety to the field. The assembly lays on the surface, is easy to move and reduces fall hazard. The Flex Step is the only access solution that is non-abrasive to liners.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Requires hand tools only
  • Works with any Slope Combination
  • Will not penetrate liner
  • All lengths available
  • Can be rolled up, transported and reinstalled as needed
  • For use before, during and after liner installation
  • Steps are individually adjustable
  • Made of galvanized steel, recycled heavy duty nylon-rubber belting, and painted steel railing.
  • 2/3rds the cost of a standard fabricated gangway
    Containment access 2/3rds the cost of a standard fabricated gangway
  • Install 10-a-day
    Two men can easily install 10 a day
  • Zero cow trails
    Eliminates "cow trails" because of the ease and efficiency of use
  • 1,000s installed and field tested
    Industrial grade galvanized steel steps and heavy duty nylon rubber belting in use at 1,000's of installations
  • 20-50 degree adjustability
    Steps follow undulation slopes and individually adjust from 20-50 degrees
  • Durable
    Made of galvanized steel, recycled heavy duty nylon-rubber belting, and painted steel railing.
  • Cost Effective
    This design completely changes the cost of installations of firewall access. There is no comparable alternative
  • Easy to Use
    No slipping or tripping, close to the ground and stable. Flex Step is the path of least resistance. No climbing up catwalks or walking on gravel.
  • Adaptable
    Easily adapts to odd shaped firewalls. Random lengths available. Rise, slope and lengths are all adjustable.
Our professional installation crews consider your safety procedures a top priority. Our outstanding record testifies to our commitment to work safety. To learn more about the Unit Liner commitment to safety Click Here.