OILFIELD - Secondary Containment

R.S.S. (Rapid Sump System)

The R.S.S. is designed to prevent rain water or liquid spills from filling up your secondary containment structure, taking away from important fluid holding limits. When the liquid begins filling the containment structure the float valve on the R.S.S. is triggered. Once the float valve is triggered the pump will turn on and pump the liquid into the separator tank or any available flow lines. This allows the vacuum truck company to make fewer trips to the location. The R.S.S. filters out gravel and large debris, keeping it out of the separator tank and the vacuum truck. Secondary containment structures need to be as empty as possible during storms because the more rain water the containment structure in holding the less it can hold if lightning strikes the tank battery and a spill occurs.

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Enviro-Guard R.S.S. (Rapid Sump System)
Max Head
0-45 gpm
25" W x 37 3/4" L x 19" T
1" FPT

The base of the R.S.S. is made of PVC with suction holes drilled throughout, maximizing the suction area. Each end of the base contains a filtering screen that covers the large openings. These openings allow for a larger volume of water to be pumped out of the secondary containment structure. The unit's base is designed for easy access to the inside for debris removal. Custom shapes can be created to your specifications upon request.

The R.S.S. Pump is C.S.A certified to run off of compressed natural gas which is a readily available product at most oil and gas locations. Since the pump is powered by compressed air or compressed gas, and is painted with static free paint with interior grounding, there is no chance of a spark. The R.S.S. can pump up to 45 gallons per minute and has a large operating range of 25 psi to 120 psi. Most pumps use rubber balls and seats that swell when they come in contact with harsh chemicals. This swelling can hinder the pumps performance. The R.S.S. uses nylon balls and seats to prevent this swelling from occurring. Due to the patented non-centering valve system, the R.S.S. pump is guaranteed start every time compressed air or gas is applied. The R.S.S. pump can be customized for a ½", 1 ½", 2" or 3" outlet upon request.

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