Polyurea - Installation


Polyurea linings are only as good as the installation- and with SealTec you get the best! With vast experience the in industrial coating business, SealTec provides unsurpassed quality.

We understand that downtime costs money. Meeting your schedule and finishing within deadlines is our priority- even if it means working after hours, weekends or holidays.

Our fully contained spray trailers can go anywhere and perform in any environment arctic cold or desert heat. We have the ability to apply 100% solids with zero VOC. Our product dries in seconds and cures in 24-hours.

If your company is looking for a long lasting, maintenance free protection, SealTec Polycoatings & Linings, LLC., is your solution. For secondary containments or corrosion protection on metals SealTec polyureas will meet and even exceed your expectations.

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Our professional installation crews consider your safety procedures a top priority. Our outstanding record testifies to our commitment to work safety. To learn more about the Unit Liner commitment to safety Click Here.