Polyurea Applications - Water Features

Water Features Industry

Decorative water feature and pond enthusiasts have long looked for a waterproofing solution that is eco-friendly, non toxic, and will extend the service life of their investment. Older technologies involved using sheet goods with potential leaking seams, or thin rigid-coatings that would crack and fail from harsh weather cycles. These solutions are not effective and end up increasing maintenance and water replacement costs.

ULC's upre polyurea coatings create a durable, seamless waterproof liner. These advanced, eco-friendly coatings contain zero VOCS and are safe for marine life and plants. The product's high tensile-strength properties allow for placement of rocks, gravel or other decorative features, and are less susceptible to damage compared to sheet good liners. In addition, the coating's elastomeric properties make them flexible enought to move with substrate expansion and contraction during harsh weather cycles.


Water Feature Applications

  • Large fountain ponds.
  • Municipal fountains and decorative displays.
  • Decorative Koi ponds.
  • Natural swimming ponds
  • Retention and evaporation ponds.
  • Water park and recreation facilities.
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Featured Industry Solutions

ElastaFlex™ HP

ElastaFlex™ HP is a high-performance, spray-applied, plural component, pure polyurea elastomer ixhibitin very high elongation. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, and prepolymers. It provides an extremely flexible, resilient, tough, monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance.

Ultra Bond™ 100

Ultra Bond™ 100 is a high tnesile, high elongation, high build, fast-set elastomer, specifically formulated to provide a tenacious bond to certain thermoset plastice surfaces. Unlike most spray applied polyureas, Ultra Bond™ 100 has the unique advantage of adhering to many polymeric substrates, both new and aged, typically without the use of primers or extensive surface perparation.

Polyshield HT™ SL

Polyshield HT™ SL is a fast-set, high-performance, pray applied, plural-component, pure polyurea elastomer. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, and preploymers. It provides a cost effective flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance.

ULC has over 40 unique polyurea elastomer coatins with a wide range of physical properties to meet your specific project requirement. ULC only produces 100% solids, pure polyurea coatins that contain no VOCs, solvents, or harmful ozone depleting ingredients. Our knowledgeable team of industry experts will work closely with you from your project's beginning to the end, providing reliable coatin solutions, SSPC/NACE standards and project specifications.


Dry Properties
& Test Methods
Bond™ 100
Tensile Strength, psi
± 4,400 psi
± 3,000 psi
± 3,800 psi
ASTM D 412
± 400%
± 450%
± 700%
Tear Resistance, pli
ASTM D 624
430 pli
± 50
380 pli
± 50
370 pli
± 50
Shore D Hardness
ASTM D 2240
45 ± 5 D
42 ± 5 D
27 ± 5 D
Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D 4060
H 18 Wheel
92 mg loss
H 18 Wheel
110 mg loss
< 70° to >
< 70° to >
< 70° to >
Service Temperature
-60° to
-50° to
-60° to
Return to Service
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
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