Non-woven Geotextiles provide excellent stability in civil engineering applications. These products form protective barriers and support underneath and can vent built-up liquids and gases beneath the surface. Non-woven geotextiles are used as a cushion for a liner or for subsurface drainage, roadway separation, railroad stabilization, hard armor underlayment, and in gas venting and drainage systems. Liner Protection - Heavy weight nonwovens cushion and protect liners from damage by sharp objects, elevating puncture, impact and abrasion resistance. Drainage Systems - When laminated to a geonet to make a drainage composite, creating the ability to move liquids to sumps as required by design. Gas Venting - Geocomposites also provide collection and lateral transmission of liquids and gases that may build up beneath flexible liners used in the closure and capping of waste facilities.


  • Effective In Most Soils
  • Extends Road & Railway Life
  • Prevents Fouling of Ballast (Railroad Tracks)
  • Excellent Chemical Compatibility
  • Stabilizes Sub Grades
  • Helps Prevent Punctures from Debris Under Liner

Geotextile Applications

  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Railroad Stabilization
  • Asphalt Overlay
  • Gas Venting
  • Roadway Separation
  • Hard Armor Underlayment
  • Liner Protection
  • Drainage Systems



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