Metal Containment

Secondary Containment Types

Secondary containment structures are a must in the oilfield industry. If lightning strikes a tank battery the environmental clean-up cost can be catastrophic to your company. There are many options for secondary containment but we recommend the Enviro-Guard G-90 Galvanized Corrugated Steel Walled Structures lined with a PE liner or our spray-in polyurea liner. Although we carry thin gauged metal for containment structures, we discourage our customers from using it. The thin gauged metal will fail if a catastrophic accident happens. The Enviro-Guard G-90 Galvanized Corrugated Metal walls will hold up every time. We also carry Flat Panel metal walls as well. We also highly recommend Enviro-Guard heavy-duty 6 foot round post buried 3 ft in the ground for maximum support. We also carry "Z" post for a less expensive alternative to our round post and Zero-Ground supports for those areas where there is no possible way to drive a post into the ground. For a less permanent structure, try out the Enviro-Guard Temporary Containment Structures. These heavy-duty modular and re-usable containment walls are great for various storage applications.



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