Metal Containment

Metal Containment Supports

Metal Containment Supports are as important to the containment structure as the metal. Light duty supports or supports placed on the inside of the containment walls is certainly a recipe for disaster. This is why we recommend our galvanized heavy-duty round posts or our Zero Ground supports for those areas where the ground is too rocky, hard or frozen for round posts.

Round Post

Round Posts


Z Post

Z Posts


Zero Ground Containment Stuctures

Zero Ground Supports

The Zero-Ground Containment Systems are made especially for above ground applications where underground pipe is present, the ground is too rocky, or unsuitable for digging trenches used in traditional containment systems. With the Zero-Ground Containment systems there is no need for drilling post holes or setting post in concrete. Braces and cable are configured to support the assembled wall sections and to provide resistance against the outwardly force exerted by material that is released during a spill or when the containment fills with rain water.



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