Drop-In Liner Materials

Standard Grade Material

The standard grade has been used for many years in plating tanks. Under correct conditions, standard grade liners should last 3 - 5 years in a tank. Standard grade liners are industrial gray in color. This formula has been the work horse for over 18 years. Standard grade is lower in cost, will withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and works well for most plating solutions. Standard grade is great for most room temperature solutions, rinse tanks, and secondary containment floor coverings.
Standard Material

Premium Grade Material

Premium grade material was developed to meet the need for a more chemical and high temperature resistant liner. Premium grade material will sustain a constant temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When highly corrosive chemicals and high temperatures are expected, or extra long service is desired, we generally recommend premium grade material. Premium grade material is a favorite of chrome platers.
Premium Material

Aquaculture Grade Material

We fabricate liners from durable 30 mil aquaculture grade flexible PVC (black or blue) that is safe for all fish and plant life. Many of these liners are sold as round tank liners to fish hatcheries, and can be used for potable water storage as well.

We also have a variety of other materials that can accommodate many situations. Just tell us what you need to contain and we will
work with you to get the proper
lining material.

We are more than happy to discuss
any situation with you, feel free to ask any questions or send any blueprints or drawings that you may have. Our liners can be built to many shapes and sizes, and hold many different types of fluids.

Aquaculture Material



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