Water Quality

Water Quality

For years, the accepted method of pond management was to wait for a problem, like an algae bloom or excessive aquatic weed growth and then "react to it" with a chemical application. Although this is effective at providing a quick fix, it does not address the actual problem. All of this dead plant matter falls to the bottom of the pond or lake and actually fuels the problems you were originally having.

In today's world, the science of lake management has come up with this solution in keeping a healthy pond or lake:

  • Aeration:
    By aerating your pond from the bottom up you'll circulate incredible amounts of water, drastically increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in your water column, which in turn will allow for increased levels of beneficial bacteria to accumulate in your pond.
  • Circulation:
    Much like an aerator, a circulator either pulls water from the bottom to the top in order to allow it to aerate or it pushes aerated water to the bottom. This circulation aides in keeping the whole water column aerated. Circulators also will prevent surface freezing during winter months.
  • Water Treatments
    Water treatments aid in keeping your pond or lake clear by killing existing algae or other nuisance aquatic plant life, adding beneficial bacteria that will aide in removing bottom debris and tinting your pond or lake to prevent sunlight from reaching algae which prevents it from blooming.

All of these methods, when used together, will help you in maintaining a clear and beautiful pond or lake.

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