Water Treatments

Water Treatments

Beneficial Bacteria & Muck Removers

One of the problems pond owners run into is the build-up of toxic gases in the water. These gases are released when solid organic waste accumulates on the bottom of your pond and begins to break down. This can be extremely harmful to your fish and other plant life, so it is important to keep this organic matter from accumulating.

This can be difficult to do, however, there is an alternative solution: Muck removers. These product’s are specially formulated to remove organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade.

Muck removers reduce or eliminate the harmful gases resulting from accumulated organic matter and helps to clarify your pond water. Furthermore, these products:

  • Disperses quickly and is 100% biodegradable
  • Is safe for your plant life and the environment
  • Can be used at any temperature year-round


Muck Removers

Pond Dyes

Pond Dyes are no longer perceived as singularly decorative or unimportant to maintaining a healthy pond. Adding pond dye to your pond maintenance regimen is a great way to keep your pond looking great all year long. Pond Dye will shade your pond the unique color of your choosing, whether it is a deep blue tint or a natural mirror-like reflective surface.

Although adding dye to your pond does enhance its visual appeal, it also benefits your pond by protecting fish against predators. Predators flying above the pond or lurking along the side of the pond will not be able to see them easily, giving the fish time to dive out of harm's way. Using a pond dye will also help keep the water cooler and allow the fish to breathe easier all summer.

Be sure to wear gloves and work clothes when adding dye to your pond. Once mixed with the water in your pond, pond dye is completely safe for agriculture and irrigation purposes. If you are worried about the dye coloring your skin when you swim, don't. After 24 hours of being applied to the pond, the dye will not stain. It's safe for use in swimming ponds, as well as watering horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish and wildlife.

Pond Dyes

Algae & Weed Control

Algae Control: String algae and green water problems are common in the early spring when the pond water temperature warms. The pond's fish return from being dormant all winter and begin to eat and produce waste. Organic debris on the pond bottom begins to be broken down by bacteria producing more nutrients in the pond water. As the nutrient levels continue to rise, most of the pond’s aquatic plants may still be dormant or just beginning to come back to life. Algae begins to grow at a rapid rate temporally until the pond’s aquatic plants return to prominence. You can help lower nutrient levels during this time by physically removing debris from the pond bottom or by using a muck remover.

Algaecides are very effective at controlling algae. Algaecides are formulated to prevent algae from building up in your pond. These products are designed to be applied in lakes, ponds, impounded waters, wastewater lagoons, reservoirs, livestock watering systems, potable water supplies and sediment basins. Additionally, this water treatment can be properly used in irrigation conveyance systems, irrigation reservoirs, irrigation canals, irrigation ditches, feedlot run-off lagoons, animal waste or confinement pits, and organic sludge pits.

Aquatic Weed Control: Cattails and other emergent aquatic plants can add natural beauty to any pond or shoreline, but if left unchecked for too long, they can overtake these areas and create a shoreline maintenance nightmare. A consistent program is the most efficient way to combat excessive spread of unwanted weeds.

Spray unwanted growth to maximize the effectiveness of your cattail treatments, wait until there is at least 12" – 18" of exposed growth to apply product. A systemic herbicide will kill the cattails down to the root to prevent the plant from re-growing. The roots of pond cattails are the most difficult part of the plant to kill. So, allow the mixture to absorb into the plant for one to two weeks. This will ensure the treatment gets into the root system. Do not try and stretch the application further than the instructions state. This will likely lead to unsatisfactory results and end up in more product used in the long run.

Weed Control



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