Drop-In Tank Liner Installation

Tank Preparation

Preparing a tank for liner application is one of the most important steps that must be taken to insure longer life of your liner. The tank should be thoroughly inspected for any sharp objects that may protrude and puncture the liner or cause wearing through of the liner. Particular care should be given to the edges and corners. We offer Geotextile underlay fabric for rough surface tanks to be placed before the liner install to prevent wear.

Liner Installation

Remove liner from package and place liner in bottom of tank. Unfold liner. Starting at either end, raise liner up and work the liner into the corners and bottom. Clamps can be used to hold liner in place at the top of the tank while you work. Continue raising liner and working it into place at sides and bottom. As you work around, keep the top clamped off until you have liner in correct position for the final securing. When liner is hung, fasten the top with straps or rope and grommets. Rope and grommet method is a simple, built-in draw string that extends over the tank lip 2 inches. No tools or clamping devices are needed. We also offer stainless steel clips to be used with the grommets instead of rope for a more secure fit.

Installation of Stainless Steel Clips





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